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Functional connectivity in anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis

Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis is an autoimmune disease which causes severe neuropsychiatric symptoms, including psychosis, memory deficits and movement disorders. We have recently demonstrated that characteristic functional connectivity disturbances can be detected in the disease, providing further knowledge on its mechanisms and the brain basis of psychosis, and opening new possibilities for potential diagnosis.

Further details can be found in our upcoming paper "Functional connectivity of large-scale brain networks in anti NMDA receptor encephalitis" (The Lancet Psychiatry, 2017), by Michael Peer, Harald Pruss, Inbal Ben-Dayan, Friedemann Paul, and Shahar Arzy and Carsten Finke (equal contributors).

Patient data (anonymized correlation matrices) and our full MATLAB analysis codes can be found here:

for questions please contact michael.peer (at) .

anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis disturbances
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