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Lab Members

Shahar Arzy

Shahar Arzy

Prof. Shahar Arzy studied medicine (MD) and cognitive neuroscience (MA) at the Hebrew University, and completed his PhD in neuroscience at the Swiss Institute of Technology and the University of Geneva. Specializing in the human cortex, he now works in the clinic of neuropsychiatry and the epilepsy center at the department of neurology at Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center, and leading the Neuropsychiatry Lab. His main interest is the human self and its subjective experience in physiological and pathological states. He is involved in developing new tools for evaluation and management of neuropsychiatric patients, and puts special efforts in translating clinical neuropsychiatric concepts into a neuroscientific model of a “neurology of self”.

Email: shahar.arzy (at)

Noam Saadon-Grosman

Noam Saadon-Grosman

Noam has a BSc in physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MSc in Neurobiology. She is currently a PhD student of Brain science and behavior in the Neuropsychiatry lab. Her main research concerns body perception and its representation in the human brain. Data is obtained from fMRI scans followed by advanced analyses of distinguished subject groups with neurological pathologies.

Email: sgnoam (at)

Gregory Peters-Founshtein

Gregory Peters-Founshtein

Greg is a MD-PhD candidate at the Neuropsychiatry lab, having received a BA from the “Amirim” honors humanities program and a BSc in medicine from the Hadassah Hebrew university medical school. His interests include orientation, the self, metaphors, neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric conditions from clinical, neuroscientific and philosophical perspectives. Currently Greg is designing tools allowing to evaluate orientation as a marker for cognitive wellness, in the context of a comprehensive model accounting for the relation between orientation, self and semantic knowledge.

Email: gregory.founshtein (at)

Amnon Dafni

Amnon Dafni

As a Psychobiology undergraduate at the Hebrew University, Amnon became fascinated with new discoveries regarding humans' subjective experience of the world and its abnormalities. Amnon soon became interested in translating these discoveries to people and patients and is currently pursuing an MD/PhD through Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical School. At the Computational Neuropsychiatry Lab, he is investigating EEG microstates related to mental orientation in healthy subjects and neurodegenerative states.

Email: amnon.dafni (at)

Inbar Anna Kulishevsky

Inbar Anna Kulishevsky

Inbar is a medical nurse and is currently studying toward an MSc in the Neuropsychiatry Lab. Her research involves functional MRI investigation of somatosensory perception in patients with conversive paralysis.

Email: kulishevskyi (at)

Mordechai Hayman

Mordechai Hayman

Mordechai is studying towards an MSc in the neuropsychiatry lab. He is interested in implementation of novel virtual reality paradigms and studying the brain representations of social networks.

Email: morhayman (at)

Michael Peer

Michael Peer

Michael Peer studied cognitive neuroscience and biology (BSc) and microbiology (MSc) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is currently a PhD student at the Neuropsychiatry Lab. His main research interests are elucidating the mechanisms responsible for human orientation in time, place and person, and the role they play in various neurological disorders, as well as the development of resting-state fMRI as a clinical diagnostic tool.

Email: michael.peer (at)

Rachel Fried

Rachel Fried

Rachel has a BSc in medical sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is currently studying towards her MSc in neuroscience, investigating brain disturbances in patients with psychogenic seizures.

Email: rachel.fried (at)

Lakach Yanao

Lakach Yanao

Lakach is the lab's EEG technician, and is involbed in all EEG projects in the lab.

Email: lakach77 (at)

Yorai Ron

Yorai Ron

Yorai is an MD-PhD candidate in the Neuropsychiatry Lab. He is using fMRI to investigate the neural correlates of dissociative disorders in healthy adults.

Email: yorai.ron (at)

Rotem Monsa

Rotem Monsa

Rotem has a BSc in Computer Science and Cognitive Science and is currently studying towards an MSc in neuroscience. Her research in the Neuropsychiatry Lab deals with disturbances of brain networks in patients with conversive disorders.

Email: rotemmonsa (at)

Tahel Naveh

Tahel Naveh

Tahel is studying towards a BSc in Psychobiology and an MSC in Brain and Behavioral Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is investigating disorientation and its underlying brain mechanisms in various neurological disorders. Her main research at the Neuropsychiatry lab aims to redefine the clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, based on disorientation as a potential marker for the disorder, as well as supplying a functional and metabolic biomarker, using PET-MR machine.

Email: Tahel.naveh (at)


Dr. Mor Nitzan

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Racah Institute of Physics

Dr. Uri Hertz

University College London

Dr. Zohar Tal

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Neurobiology department

Eng. Sami Abboud

Sorbonne Universités

Lab alumni

Dr. Ilan Goldberg

Email: ilan.goldberg (at)

Yoel Sher

Email: yoel.sher (at)

Inbar Naor

Email: inbar.naor (at)

Roey Schurr

Email: roeysc (at)

Rachel Shitrit

Email: rachelsh7 (at)

Judith Katz

Email: judith.katz1 (at)

External collaborations

Dr. Ilan Goldberg

Wolfson Medical Center

Dr. Carsten Finke

Charité Medical School Berlin, Neurology

Carsten Finke website

Dr. Esther Adi-Japha

Faculty of Social Sciences, School of Education, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Esther Adi-Japha website

Dr. Gilles Allali

Department of Neurology, Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland

Gilles Allali website

Prof. Amir Amedi

Faculty of Medicine, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Amir Amedi website

Prof. Olaf Blanke

The Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience, Brain-Mind Institute, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

Olaf Blanke website

Dr. Renana Eitan

Hadassah Ein-Karem hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Jerusalem

Renana Eitan website

Dr. Dana Ekstein

Hadassah Ein-Karem hospital, Department of Neurology, Jerusalem

Prof. John Moshe Gomori

Hadassah Ein-Karem hospital, Department of Radiology, Jerusalem

John Moshe Gomori website

Prof. Lars Schwabe

Department of Cognitive Psychology, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

Lars Schwabe website

Dr. Roy Solomon

The Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience, Brain-Mind Institute, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

Roy Solomon website

Dr. Uri Hertz

University College London, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

Uri Hertz website

Dr. Mor Nitzan

Racah Institute of Physics, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Prof. Sorin Solomon

Racah Institute of Physics, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Sorin Solomon website

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